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Thursday, 7 May 2009


Mini Review Time...

For the uninitiated, MAGS is the Monthly Adventure Game Studio competition in which would-be game developers have one month to make a game from scratch (using AGS) based on a pre-defined subject or theme. April's topic of choice was 'Space Derelict', and the winner was OneDollar, who managed to produce a short but funny effort for our gaming pleasure.


In Breakdown, the player controls a lowly ensign aboard a spaceship. Following a mishap caused by the ship's captain, you are directed to deal with the aftermath, i.e. fix the engine and reactivate the Autopilot.


The game aims to be humorous and it manages to achieve this well. The opening cutscene in particular is very amusing and there are various other in-game moments that will make you smile.

The backgrounds are good, as are the character sprites and animation. Disappointingly the game doesn't have any music however there are some quite cool sound effects.

It is difficult to judge such a short game on it's atmosphere, however Breakdown immerses the player as much as such a short humorous game needs to. The game is good harmless fun throughout.


The puzzles are all inventory based and are easy but fun to solve.

An added element to the gameplay is the digital Employee Handbook you carry around. Although not necessary to do so, this can be used on any object or character to give a more in-depth description to the player of what they're looking at. It's worth doing this as it provides some quite funny extra details about things.

As mentioned, the game is very short however this is the norm for MAGS games due to the time restraints place on the creator by the rules of the competition.


Overall, this is a solid game which should you fancy a quick laugh and have some free time available is worth the fifteen minutes or so of playtime.

Particularly for fans of;

- Hitchhiker's Guide

Download for free;



  1. Many thanks for the review!

  2. No problem. Congrats on the game and winning MAGS!

  3. Particularly for fans of hhgtg? How did i miss that!!??

  4. Oh, i finished it and it has two reference objects about the original game (circuit board and access panel)