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Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Year - 2009
Length - Short
Engine - AGS
Suitability Factors - N/A

Haven't been gaming too much lately however July's first review is finally here. It's of the latest MAGS winning effort, Proposal by Tijne.


In Proposal, the player controls John Gwar, a 'man' under a rather unfortunate curse. He has until midnight to become engaged knowing that failure to do so will result in him crumbling to dust. Everything is set for a night of fine dining and ultimately the proposal. Alas things do not go exactly to plan resulting in a much more tricky night than he'd planned.

The introduction to the story and main character is excellent. Going into too much detail would spoil it (as might looking too intently at the screenshots) however suffice to say it does a very good job of drawing the player into the game. The remainder of the story is also very solid for a short one location game.


The game's atmosphere is set up very nicely by the aforementioned intro and is fairly lighthearted throughout despite the unfortunate position the main character finds himself in.

The music also very much suits this lighthearted nature of the game.

If there's anything that hampers the atmosphere at all then it's the visuals which are quite blurry at times. This is especially true of the character sprites. Whilst by no means awful, the graphics could have done with some sharpening up.


Most puzzles are of the inventory variety and these are logical enough given the nature of the game. Some require abit of lateral thinking although I never felt cheated. In fact it was these puzzles I enjoyed the most.

The GUI is indistinct and abit of an eyesore on the side of the screen however it doesn't interfere with gameplay too much.


Proposal is a fun game which does a good job from the start of enticing the player to keep playing, it's paced very well and didn't once make me frustrated. The game could be improved visually and is understandably short, however it's certainly worthy of your time if you like a pleasant enjoyable story with some decent humour thrown in.

- Good humour
- Some good puzzles
- Likeable main character and story
- Well chosen music

- Visuals blurry
- Character sprites could do with some work
- GUI looks messy

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